Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunny Sunday

[collage available on eBay]

The weather is finally behaving. And I've been playing with mica. And jewelry wire!

Have a peaceful day!


  1. Colette that collage is gorgeous! I love how you used the mica!! PERFECTION!

  2. Delicious! That's the word that comes to mind with the collage, jewelry. :) do you apply it? Love the color combo of black beads and the celadon green. Delicious, yes!...:)

    Did you get my email Saturday? LOVE it all!

  3. oooooh, what are the odds! yesterday i bought these wonderful buttons ( today i see this stunning paper on your background :) and by the way, i love the wire :)

  4. Where's the Cavallini paper? Cool Mica work!!

    I'll bring the gatebook along with your doll parts for sure in June!


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