Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Lucky Charm

Vintage French dress form at Putti shop.

Yesterday I woke up with a ditty called My Lucky Charm playing endlessly in my head. I'd watched a movie on TMC over the weekend called Meet Me in Las Vegas solely to see the stunning Frankie and Johnny number danced by Cyd Charisse, and the song was part of the movie, which I enjoyed as it turned out.

I tried to stop the song in my head but it just took over. By late afternoon, I knew why.

I found a judy (dress form), old and stained, just right in size, in the framing shop's storeroom where I'd gone to pick up the mat board Elizabeth puts aside for me. It turned out to be Gillian's, the dressmaker who has the workshop next door. I've always wanted one, old, not too big, affordable, and when I saw the one in the picture above, at Putti on Yonge Street, that had come all the way from Paris all nice and vitangey, and priced at $500, I knew it would take a miracle for me to ever own a dress form.

Is it for sale, I asked Gillian.

Oh, you can have it, she answered. The screw in the base is bent. then, as an afterthought, she added: You can give me a little piece of your art for it.

(My lucky charm.....)

Scott at the hardware store said he could replace the screw. Now I have to enlist a friend to help me lug the judy home. I will photograph it when I get it home.

I fairly danced through my errands the rest of the way. Then, in the evening, I checked my email, and there was the most wonderful email from the managing editor at Somerset Memories. (More news on that when I have it!)

(My lucky charm....)

Next time a song keeps playing in your head, listen to the words; they might contain a message.


  1. (((clapping)))) Way to go girl! The full flower moon and your lucky charm ROCKS it out for Colette. LOVE love your judy! Did she come with the bling? Don't ya love it when someone can HAVE it. So excited for your other news too! I KNOW this was a good moon. Youngest DD said the moon looked so strong and bright like a sunflower. :)

  2. Colette!!! How wonderful for you!!! And I know you will love her as if she is the most perfect dress form ever ~ congratulations on the Somerset Memories goodness!! Keep singing that little tune ~ xxoo, Dawn

  3. You lucky girl! And isn't it exciting to receive emails from managing editors!

  4. you are just delightful! I am blessed to have you in my life... you make me smile always when I read posts like this xoxo

  5. Colette, very lucky! It is wonderful. xoxo Nita

    I can imagine you doing so much with this.


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