Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's child...continued

[Flamenco shoes, oil on canvas, available in my Etsy shop]

I gave this day completely to myself, beginning with a long walk to downtown, a visit to the art supply store, sushi for lunch, and a painting this afternoon.

Go on, Dorothy, click your heels. I dare you!


  1. These are beautiful Colette.

  2. I love how this painting! Did you say that you take Flamenco classes? How fun!


  3. That sounds like a wonderful day.
    I love the red Flamenco shoes! Sending you love, Nita

  4. i really like your red shoes (i love read shoes and have several pairs, too)and the paintings you did of them. they are lovely! and i really liked seeing bits of your neighborhood, too. i've never been to canada so thanks for the quick visit!

  5. I'd wear these anywhere! Gorgeous! :) Did I say I love your shoes? ( we met over keds, lol) I had my eye on a sweet pair of pink laceless Converse canvas shoes at size was sold out.


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