Tuesday, April 15, 2008

McKinney Part Deux

Claire's garden/Le jardin de Marie-Claire

You can cram a lot in 4 days. If you have a sister like mine. On the day of departure, Claire took me to Joanne's. And there I found my deal of the year so far: a soldering kit which, thanks to a 50% off coupon, cost me $10.

Soldering? you ask.

Well, in our visits to the shops Claire had scouted, we met the effervescent Bridgette Adams, owner of Chesare Antiques & Interiors. She loved my repurposed jewelry and wants me to make some for her. It would require a little soldering. I balked. She said, no it's simple -- I'll even get you a soldering iron. (That kind of enthusiasm just floors me.)

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  1. What a pretty, colorful garden!

    So happy & excited for you and your new ventures! The repurposed jewelry is HOT! :)


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