Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New week

Story cloth: Once upon a time, there were three wee girls and three wee boys....

Yesterday I began organizing myself so that, even though, going to work means going from one room to another, I will be disciplined about it. Otherwise it can get sloppy and isolating. That means no schlepping around the studio in my jammies, and no wasting time on the computer, going out for my daily walk (no excuses about the weather), and...taking a break whenever I feel like it!
Today I start translating an article about humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, then a coffee break, followed by art work. Oh, and the balcony windows/doors need cleaning after being pummelled by snow and ice and rain and... You must understand that the whole wall is glass, and I'm not looking forward to it. But first, the laundry.

And so, life goes on.


  1. It all sounds so exciting and new. I am happy for this new chapter in your life and have NO doubts what so ever that you will do exactly what you set out to do and it will all be WONDERFUL for you!!
    Cleaning windows does suck pretty much, but afterwards you can sit and look at how beautiful they are and enjoy the views and your work~
    I need to do mine as well!!!!
    Love you~
    Tracy xxoo

  2. This turned out lovely....I love the mix of hand/machine stitching!
    I wish I had some of your discipline...because I find myself plodding from the living room to the studio in my pj's, taking a snack break whenever I want - and not doing what I need to do, when it needs to be done....and then I scramble to do it....

  3. I hope you'll like your new routines working from home now.
    I need disiplin during the day to get work done, too. In fact, I use my timer as a helper to get started and as a reminder to take breraks now and then...
    I love your last works, - xox


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