Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An arm and a leg

I was decorating these doll limbs [hello, Martha ;) ] when I thought of the expression: An arm and a leg. As in something costs an arm and a leg. My brain, being bilingual, then said: les yeux de la tête, as in something costs "the eyes in your head". Interesting how both English and French expressions are the same but different.

The same, but different. It made me think.

Vive la différence!


  1. What a neat picture...love the little arm and leg.

    Your art is wonderful. I'm off to visit your ETSY shop.


  2. you were on my mind and then i find a comment from you. i love this!

    xooxo to you.

  3. Colette, These are so clever and pretty! I hope you are well today. xoxo Nita

  4. Yes, I was pointing out to a Canadian friend this week about the usage of French words in English, i.e. entrepreneur, double entendre, etc. - and that the French have adopted certain English words as part of their vocabulary, i.e. weekend. Love your "arm and a leg!" Very very clever. xo

  5. An arm & a leg ~ i like it very much. Part of a future project we will see soon?
    hugs today to you sweet colette~


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