Friday, February 01, 2008


Ah, February 1. A snowstorm complete with high winds. It's abated now, so I'm considering going to the office this evening instead of tomorrow.

Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver
mon jardin ce n'est pas un jardin, c'est la plaine... -Gilles Vigneault- chanson québécoise/ Quebec song

The photo belongs to me. Feel free to use it in your artwork. Consider it a paying forward thing./Cette photo m'appartient. Je vous en offre une copie pour vos collages etc.


  1. THank you .Mz. Colette! ..I really appreciated your wonderful post on The Indians of America and Canada. THey treat the earth as it should be treated.. with respect. It is so sad to think how poorly they have been treated.

  2. Ah, the nostalgia... When I was young (teen age years) and living in Ottawa I had the privilege to see Gilles Vigneault in concert. The high school arranged it. And I always associate 'Mon Pays' with him although he wrote many other songs. I find it both sad and uplifting. Don't know why. The French text is at:

  3. ~*~ Patty9:16 p.m.

    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely photo, it's really charming. I have some freebie downloads on my blog as well. You can visit me at Magpie's Nest:

    Congratulations on your upcoming article in Somerset Magazine, I shall be watching for it!


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