Saturday, February 23, 2008


...and already one thing has gone wrong. So I tried to put it right and let it go. You can only do so much. Meanwhile, I made this! Still in the embroidery zone... what a versatile craft it is! I learned to make signatures, a simple method to start, and I can see more little books on the horizon. This one has vintage ledger pages in it. I think we never stop learning; I hope I never do, there is so much to enjoy.



  1. love all the recent creations! very pretty. have added your blog to my faves and also your etsy shop to faves.
    love the artwork you create here.

  2. Just adorable! And you're right about the learning bit - as long as we're learning, we're living! xo

  3. This is darling! YOU go girl! xxxooo

  4. Oh your little book is so sweet. I love it! Isn't learning fun? Renea

  5. C~this is just so delicate and clever! Greeen is my absolute favorite color~so you got me on this one!

  6. This is beautiful Colette. Love the simplicity of your art. And the birdy is adorable! Hope your day improved my friend.


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