Monday, February 11, 2008


art (c) colette copeland

Things I would be glad to never see or hear again.

** Pregnant celebritites on magazine covers, looking as if they've accomplished something mere mortals cannot.

** Antlers on human beings.

** People who burble on ad infinitum about their "muse". If your muse has taken a vacation, maybe it's because you're supposed to rely on yourself.

** Politically correct statements that mask the truth. PC is not necessarily polite; frequently it's lying. Tell the truth, but tell it in a decent and kind way: think before you speak!

** Yet another television show involving "real" people, wherein they sit in front of a camera and say nasty, stupid, and mean things about other people-- and look so pleased with themselves!

** The word category spelled "catagory". We pronounce it cateh- not catah-gory, so I do not understand the problem. There's a whole list of words I could present here, but I won't!

**Back to TV and film... hearing the expression coup de grace pronounced as coup de grah. Now, would you say "a moment of grah" or a moment of grace??? It's the exact same word, spelled the same way, so again I don't get this. Besides, in French, gras (pronounced grah) means fat, grease. Think about that one!!

Have an impossibly wonderful and funny day!


  1. clapping. YES!!!! All of these! May I add one more to this list?

    britany s. GO AWAY!

  2. HOOO HOO! I heartily agree with each CATEGORY! Shake your booty and tap your Flamenco shoes! ..And yes to Kansas Rose's idea to MAKE BRITTANY Spears GO ... A W A Y. Dear Gawd, why does anyone give a rat's arse what she does! (Love your Bird Pet)..

  3. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~wink! I could add a few more, but I will try to think before I speak!

  4. sometimes on my blog, I don't think before i speak.. and it becomes a rant.. but boy, do I feel good..

    as to those celebrities... my daughter is due to have her baby in 4 weeks and she is more beautiful than any of them..
    and you know.. I didn't even know what muse was until 6 mths or so ago... and I still don't even know if I have one! xoxo


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