Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More snow

There's a blizzard going on.

I'm looking for a St. Bernard to guide me to the office. I have the brandy ready to hang around Bernard's neck, and a thermos of hot chocolate in my backpack.

The only good thing about this snow every other day is that it melts and thaws inbetween the onslaughts.

Adieu, my friends... I'm off into the white stuff.


  1. And it's decidedly spring-like in Paris! But don't worry, tomorrow it will change. Enjoy the snow while it lasts! xo

  2. keep warm and toasty and all bundled up...we finally have sun here and most of the snow has gone...but things could change.
    sweet blessings my friend~
    xxxxxooooo tracy

  3. soon you will be exchanging those flamenco shoes for ice skates... stay warm dear Colette.. rug up !! and drink that Hot chocolate xo

  4. Do you really need the ST Bernard if you already have the brandy??? mwaaahahaha


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