Saturday, February 02, 2008

Memories of Spain

I found these yesterday. They are not your everyday almonds. They are wider, rounder, more oval.
They looked familiar so I bought a bag. They also taste familiar. I don't recall why they are so familiar, although I know for sure it's not because I ate them in Spain, because I didn't; I spent my trip through Galicia eating other things!! -- the memory goes much further back.
They are absolutely delicious. Roasted, peeled, lightly salted and crunchy/creamy in the mouth. My French friends would say: alléchant!
P.S. Not that I believe in groundhogs, but does anyone know if Wiarton Willie saw his shadow?


  1. Willy didn't see his shadow....early spring!
    But the American, Phil we are going to have to wait and see!

  2. Hi Colette,
    Where did you get these lovely wide almonds? They sound Yum Yum. I'm a BIG fan of almonds!! Your profile photo is great!

  3. hmm it is amazing how tastes and smells can take us back .. I love almonds, I just bought some spicy ones from the local co-op!

  4. mmm..and almond s are so good for you! .. We have that Brand in one of our stores...I shall look for them!

  5. The marcona's almond is the best in her classification here...
    The most famous product of Spain in Christmas is the " turrón " , made with almonds, sugar, etc.

    And one of the best artisans ( but published in TV ) in this product is ;

    You should come here to taste delicious....!!


  6. Sorry,,,I meant NOT published in TV...

    Kisses again

  7. love almonds and I surely will try these! I think we are in for 6 more weeks of (((COLD))) for that reason I am escaping to Arizona!We are neighbors! well sort of I'm west of you! :)NG

  8. Hi there. Just awarded you a "You Make My Day" award... Pass it on!


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