Monday, February 18, 2008

In other news

Bird Box with lid is available on eBay
I spent yesterday making things. I was "in the zone", as they say, and I just kept going. A dress collage on canvas, a button bag, 10 more little stuffed birdies, nests, etc., some of which I placed into an altered cigar box, a collage... It's amazing how magical this world is, I forget everything, I feel that all is well, and I will be just fine.

I hope all is well in your world.


  1. I thought I reconized your bird's I saw them on etsy. there lovely!

  2. Wonderful creations! Yes, it's a wonderful thing to be in the zone of creativity! xo

  3. Colette, tried to email you from three different accounts and all bounced back. Please email me. xo

  4. now,,,this is truly cool! THelittle bag would be perfect for a bride and I am loving the bird box! Isn't it the best thing in the wORLD to get lost in art!

  5. Love this box of birdies Colette!
    xo jeanne


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