Monday, February 25, 2008

A good day

{Available; just email me}
You do everything you can, and then you let go. Of course you have to have faith. The energy I was putting into my part-time day job seems to have changed course, and I'm producing much more than usual, doing what I love. This piece is really "doing what I love."
I think white pieces help to rest the eye and the soul.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my family and friends, both flesh and cyber, who are being so supportive of me.


  1. i love thingw which combine various shades of white and ecru they are texturely rich! The red tatted lace rosette is a good accent!

  2. I love the red, white and cream together. Beautiful.. love nita

  3. HI! I am catching up! I love all your creativity. Wow! the little books are darling. You are making me want to pick up embroidering again! Ha ! I am glad to hear your problem righted itself! It always will, if you let it.

  4. I guess the Universe always knows best! Your work lately has a really peaceful feel oxox

  5. ((big hug))) You are right...the whites have a peaceful effect. Love these! I've been trying to find the right shade of white to paint A's old room. Looking for the perfect serene shade of white called "CeCe Collage White" that I love. :) Sending you warm bright vibes hon! xxxooo

  6. A beautiful piece - so glad you're enjoying your work. xo


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