Thursday, February 21, 2008

{ Collage available on eBay}

Last night's flamenco class took place in yet another studio, this time on St. Nicholas Street. The space is small so classes have to be limited to six students at a time, but it's also good discipline, especially for those to tend to flail around and take up more space than they need, rather than control their movements tightly. Flamenco really doesn't need much individual space, and we managed very well. We'll be at this new studio until permanent quarters are found. I'm in my sixth year now and I wouldn't miss my class for the world; it keeps me sane, gives me joy, and keeps me fit.


  1. I am so pleased you continue to enjot your Flamenco dancing Colette and that it brings so much to your life. I wouldn't be any good at keeping my dance movements small in a confined dance space he heee.

  2. Flamenco ON, sister! Ole ! I need to find a belly dance class nearby and start up again.

  3. How I would LOVE to see you dancing the tango..or at least watch a video. I can't begin to explain Colette how I admire you...your :)

  4. I think it is so neat that you take dance. love nita

  5. you had me at 'flamenco'. i am passionate about anything and everything :flamenco:


    you inspire me to dance today!

  6. Am so glad you've found a temporary home for your class - I adore flamenco! Lovely art, too. xo

  7. Hi Colette,
    Guess what arrived in the mail just now! Your lovely house collage! I love it very much!!It´s beautiful!Thank You!!
    Keep on dancin´!
    (I will post a picture of it on my blog when I get the camera working, so You can see where it´s going to hang!)

  8. It seems to have been a good flamenco's lesson but a good savoir vivre' s lesson as well


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