Thursday, February 07, 2008

Colette' s Sense of Snow

The luminous EB has the right idea: Celebrate the white stuff. A glorious Snow party, given by Elizabeth, she of the Bloglandia Ball I was so happy to be a part of last year.

The weather has been so, well, weathery. It snows, then thaws, then returns with a ferocious intensity to the extent that last night, I who am not afraid of weather, had a few moments of fright when the wind got too loud for comfort, slamming into everything in its path (it's the noise it makes!). So, rather than shiver, we might as well celebrate it!

This is another of my "backward" creations: I go with my internal nudges wherein all intellect is put on hold, then when it's finished I realize that there was meaning in the image I had no idea I was creating: Hope is the thing with feathers (Emily Dickinson) came to mind, and of course we're all hoping for spring...... aren't we?


  1. Colette!

    we live in the same country - winter - we can bemoan it - or celebrate - I am finding all manner of lovely whites - not to mention other inspirations - this is so cool - your offering - so true - thank you so much for coming out into the cold and participating again in a Bloglandia event - BEAUTIFUL - and oh boy do I relate...

    xox - eb.

  2. I LOVE those sweet birds - so cozy in the cold...

    xox - eb.

  3. OooH We don't get much white during the winter..but I took up eb's challenge a couple of weeks ago. It was fun to seek out whites! Your photo is perfect! love it's serenity. I love winter!

  4. This is perfect! Warmth in winter white! Cozy down duvet of a photo! :)

  5. Anonymous10:38 a.m.

    I love the texture you added to your photo! It is beautiful!

  6. We do not get snow here...we can drive to it but it does not sit atop our roof or awash our yards in glistening white. We celebrate it vicariously without the freezing temps. What a lovely and peaceful image that is Colette!
    Shall we sit together for a cup of that famous Canadian hot chocolate...I am celebrating at the Festival too. (well rather Snow Queen and Ursa are)

  7. This is beautiful Colette! Your birds touch me so. Happy Snow Party!! Thanks for your visit!

  8. A Snow Party! Sounds wonderful!

    The birds are a sweet touch.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  9. found you at eb's
    as i was getting ready
    for the bloglandia polar festival.


    popped round for a visit
    to see your sense of snow
    which is almost as yummy
    as the chocolate breakfast bar
    today's posting.

    nothing like chocolate
    on winter white...

  10. Yes! Beautiful art and thoughts. And I really liked the book Miss Smilla's Sense of Snow - the film, not so much, although Gabriel Byrne is an all-time favourite. xo

  11. Well that's a great picture ! Your art is lovely on that chair !

  12. such a beautiful, ethereal setting! Happy to join in you the winter white...

  13. well.. to tell the truth, I don't know what i am hoping for .. it is summer here but so far we have missed out on the normal heat... we have had autumn temps nearly al summer and it is nearly over... so I am hoping for autumn i guess but a few nice warm summer days would not go astray!

  14. here I am, late as usual! glad I could see your offering for the festival. and the answer is yes- I am definetly hoping for spring! (but after the two foot of snow we got last year at easter, I'm not expecting it soon!)


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