Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Of dogs and doglets

These photographs are by way of explanation to all my blogger friends who are owned by dogs, to show why I go all mushy over them. Cleo is an Old English Sheepdog who lives in McKinney, Texas, with her family [my sister]. Cette adorable demoiselle habite chez ma soeur Marie-Claire au Texas. Fin mars je vais lui rendre visite... pas question de la tenir dans mes bras.

Cleo at 6 weeks.

Cleo at one year, post-haircut

Cleo taking her walk in the backyard. This photo cracks me up.

Cleo in the arms of her Tante Colette


  1. I am in love!!! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Awwww! I remember these pics She is the most adorable dog! (yep..I am still on the computer...well off and on...I am working on the exterior of the bus ..just put primer on..! )

  3. Big hug to the dahling Cleo! woof! Send some vibes I don't have jury duty tomorrow please. Blizzard forcast.

  4. Oh she is adorable Colette! I melted when I saw the photo of her at 6 weeks old. She obviously loves her Aunty Colette!

  5. She is an adorable dog! I'm waiting for the day when we have a house with a yard, so we can have a dog. Haven't had one since I was a little girl growing up in the South! xo

  6. How sweet! I am a mushface for any puppies, kitties, in fact most mammals! She is so cute! Kim

  7. Cleo is so charming, and grew up so fast. The picture you find funny, I did too, it reminds me of the pink panther and that music ran through my mind. She is definitely a keeper.

  8. lucy mae is getting her first cut on thursday.
    i had planned on taking photos of before & after.

    cleo is adorable.


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