Friday, January 04, 2008

New new new

Friday's child has high-speed Internet! Welcome to the 21st century, me.

The techie arrived on time, gave me some valuable information while he was at it, and off he went. I want to call him a cute boy (he looked so young!).

Now I have to put everything back and tidy up. I had to move a lot of things so he could get to the outlets and jacks because the computer is in my little office space.
The best thing about this whole business is that I can take phone calls while I am on the Internet. Before, having only one line, calls went to my voicemail.


  1. Hooray! Now you'll wonder how you lived without high-speed internet access! Enjoy. xo

  2. OH I am so happy for you! You will be like the "roadrunner"...zipping at lightening speed all over the web. beep-meep.

  3. Hi Colette

    You will love having high speed internet! I don't know how I coped before having it here.
    It is so good for accessing ' art' sites with lots of photo's. And yes, taking calls when on the net is great!

    (The technie sounds like he was delectable).

    Dotee xoxo

  4. I'm enjoying your blog so much! And congratulations on getting upgraded to high speed. I'm 57 & got my first COMPUTER just under 3 years ago. I was scared to DEATH of it! Isn't that pathetic? LOL! Now I can't imagine life without it! Have fun with the new upgrade!

  5. Welcome to WWW.Wonderland! High speed rocks!

  6. i am so excited for you, colette.
    highspeed is huge.

  7. O what a great day~congrats!


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