Monday, January 28, 2008


Who knew Mondays could be so wonderful!

It started well with a letter -- a real letter with an envelope and a postage stamp on it!-- from my close friend Sylvie in Dublin.

Then, at work where we were closing the Feb 5 issue, I checked my email while waiting for pages to proofread, and I got an email that made me let out a happy scream involuntarily. So I had to tell them. I can't tell you yet, because things have to be finalized, but it's to do with art. My sister, bless her heart, said "It's about time." She was as excited as me. So bear with me; I will tell when the time is right, I promise!

And, since good things happen in threes, tonight is Medium night, my favorite show, preceded by another favorite show, The Border on CBC. Horatio's sister-in-law on CSI Miami is in it, which leads me to say that CSI Miami is my other favorite....which leads me to point out that....oh, never mind! [Addendum: No Medium tonight -- thanks to those politicans. Boo!]

Be well. Be happy. Be safe.


  1. It is good to hear the joy in your voice! Curious as I am, I hope it solidifies for you soon! Congrats, Kim

  2. Well, hip, hip HOORAY for whatever the good news is! I never heard about good things happening in threes - I thought that was trouble that happens in threes, but I like your version better. And I haven't seen the other shows you mention, but I do like CSI: Miami! I have all the DVDS. xo

  3. Colette, I don't have many favorite shows, but two of yours are two of ours~CSI Miami and Medium~cool =)


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