Monday, January 07, 2008

Mixed up

Northern magnolia (Toronto) photo: Colette Copeland

The snow and ice have all melted away. Gone. The temperature has soared. I opened the windows and it didn't feel cold at all. I went out today wearing the barest of winter clothing.

Tonight one of my favorite TV shows is returning with a new season: Medium. We have been waiting so long, Alison Dubois...


  1. Colette, Last night my husband returned from a meeting and asked~did you watch Medium? I said, "What?" "Yes, the season premier was tonight!" Oh~I missed it, was it good? I know it was.
    That Magnolia is just beautiful! We have a magnolia tree in our back yard, planted by previous owners, and it is getting large. It doesn't have that beautiful dark pink tint like yours does. But~the lemoney smell is oh so nice when it blooms.

  2. Diane, how could you???? miss it!!!
    Yes, it was excellent. Here it's on Mondays on NBC. Don't forget it next week. The difference between the Northern magnolia and the Southern one is that our flowers are much smaller. xo

  3. What a gorgeous flower! I love the soft shading of pink/lavender. I've never watched Medium. Now I will. I saw the very end of it last night...looks excellent! So many of my favorite shows are reruns because of the Hollywood writer's strike and I am going crazy! There is rumble that the Golden Globes and Oscars may be cancelled. The actors don't want to cross the picket lines and i don't blame them...without good writing what is there?

  4. Surely that can't be blooming NOW? In TORONTO? (I was a Buffalonian for many years.) I have two of those, one deep red, the other much like yours, in my back yard. They are so lovely when they bloom. Last spring we had a warm early spring, then a period of killing frost that ruined them. I hope this year brings better for us! Beautiful shot.


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