Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday's child

[La Tour Eiffel, available on eBay] SOLD

The Eiffel Tower is etched forever in my memory. When I was just a young thing, I broke my wrist in the Metro. I didn't know it was broken, so off I went with my schoolfriends to the top of the Eiffel Tower. By the time we got up there, my wrist was hurting beyond comprehension. I phoned my mother who was in the suburbs; she asked me some questions and then told me the wrist was broken and to get to the hospital. So I was taken back to the school infirmary and from there to the Marmottan hospital. Smashed scafoid. They fixed me up, gave me some pain medicine, and I went back to my schoolgirl doings. Ah, youth!
The sun is shining brightly... What a difference it makes!


  1. ohhh! ouch! poor baby! What a vivid memory tied to something so beautiful as the Eiffel.

  2. I love the old postcard and collage with a bit of pink to brighten the winter! Oh, breaking your wrist,that must have hurt!
    Young people do bounce back quickly!

  3. I agree..the old postcard is priceless. BTW, I received your wonderful ATC and collage. Thanks so much Colette!I will cherish them always!

    Sandy xoxo

  4. memories, - and then to keep them and create such a wonderful work of art: You are great :-)

  5. Beautiful art. Your poor wrist must have been very painful!

  6. A lovely piece. And what a story! Isn't it incredible the things we endure as children??!! xo


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