Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to work

It's back to the newspaper today. It's been a long break and I'm not sorry to get back to normal. Last night's flamenco class was gruelling, for the same reason: a long break. There is something to be said for routine!

My collage a day continues. This one reminds me to relax: the pretty Victorian cardlet says: Consider the lilies how they grow... No stress!


  1. Oh I adore this piece hon! I have a special fondness for the lily since that is my mother's name. It is such a regal and beautiful flower. You got a great workout from the Tango class! When I get out to get back to work the garden in the spring it's like that...ouch! ( I keep checking to see if you got your package will be 2 weeks tomorrow that I sent it) It's a slow boat to Ontario these days mail wise. xxxooo

  2. your work always has such a serene quality about it xoxo

  3. Your art is always so meaningful! I especially love this piece.


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