Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lavender Pillows and French pastries

I had a moment of fright yesterday when it seemed my source for dried lavender had disappeared. I scoured the whole shop and to my relief found it pushed to the back to make room for all the Christmas goods. I got my supply and was able to put a couple of handfuls into this pillow which combines fabric from France and brooch from Ireland [available in my Etsy shop]. Crisis over.

At Patachou I saw these: made of brioche pastry and almonds..... perfect for my dinner guest this evening who is having a birthday. Feast your eyes! Now I have to tend to the cassoulet I'm making for said dinner. Comfort food for a COLD day.


  1. Yummy! The lavender pillow and pastry! ( glad you found your lavender source)

  2. What a beautiful pillow! Love the rhinestone trim. And that French pastry looks quite yummy too.


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