Sunday, December 23, 2007

Because I can't say No to her

I've been tagged by my friend Tracy

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1. When I was 16, I attended Lycée Janson de Sailly in Paris (lycée= high school) which was located next to Brigitte Bardot's father's house. My friend, also named Brigitte, and I used to sit in a café across the road for hours waiting to see if Mr. Bardot would emerge from his house.

2. After reading a profile I wrote for a magazine on his colleague Dave Thomas, John Candy asked if I would do a profile on him next time he was home in Toronto. Unfortunately he never made it back.

3. I am a trained classical pianist.

4. My aunt, my mother's sister, was an educator. She was awarded the Keys to Paris by then-mayor Jacques Chirac for her work.

5. I've mostly been out of tune with my generation. I hated acid rock, and loved pre-1960s jazz ever since I can remember. Miles Davis, whom I discovered at age 14, was my idol.

6. Speaking of Miles Davis, I got a regular freelance job at the Canadian Journal of Linguistics based on the fact that I recognized a photo on the Editor's wall. It was a photo of Miles Davis in a boxing ring, complete with satin shorts and boxing gloves. The editor, who was also head of linguistics at U of T, was working on a two-volume biography of Miles Davis. He hired me on the spot, and I ended up helping with the books, too.

7. I'm a survivor of murder. My husband was murdered by a burglar at the age of 25. It took me years to get through it. I'm still single because I refuse to get married just to get married. He has to be the right person, emotionally stable and compatible!!

I'm now supposed to tag seven pressure...but is you have time and you are one of my regular readers...consider yourself tagged!


  1. Colette...I did not know about your husband!! I cannot imagine....I have no words....

  2. you did have seven things...everyone comes up with something. I knew some of your seven things...but classic pianist???!!!WOW! You never cease to amaze me! Talent beyond belief...oh and a Flamenco Dancer as well...Eight Things!! Love You my friend~ and like you said about me..You came out strong and even more amazing after your life tragedy~ Shining Spirit you are~
    XXXOOO Tracy

  3. Good grief, Colette!! You are the most interesting person to me! You are so cool....and such a wonderful artist. I admire you so much having gone through that earthshattering experience and also for not marrying just to have a husband. Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful holiday season...xxoo, Dawn

  4. I knew a lot of this, but not about the Miles Davis bit - fascinating. xo


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