Monday, November 26, 2007

Wet Monday

We wrapped up the issue at the Med Post today, and for the next week and a half, I'll be working at home. First thing tomorrow I'll be cleaning up my work space and.... getting to work. The photo at left was in a press kit that came to the office. The season might be upon us, but it isn't that cold -- yet... I like her woollen coverups tho'. Wet snow came down most of the day, so it was wet wet wet. But not cold.

This evening though, I actually sat down and watched TV. No doing other things at the same time; just vegging. something I hardly ever do, except when I'm at my sister's. I watched The Hour on CBC and caught a very good interview with the former president of Mexico Vincente Fox who evidently is visiting here (I don't pay attention to the news much). He was very funny, obviously an intelligent and cultured man, and I got interested enough to want to read his book. The show's host, who kept addressing his him as "President" (funny guy!) asked him some wacky questions that seemed to put Fox at ease, who then leaned back in his chair and entertained us. Note to self: included library on To-Do list.

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