Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Three

My nephew's birthday is coming up early next month, so naturally he's been on my mind. I was going to mail him a regular birthday card along with his gift, but -- out of the blue -- I upped and made this.
(Yes, I take commissions, haha!)
I have to thank Corey Moortgat again, because until I read her book I never used paint in my collages.


  1. oh my is so wonderful Colette~
    he is going to cherish this forever...that i know!
    you are so special~
    love to you.
    xxoo tracy

  2. he is a stunner! how old is he? i have an 18 year old daughter ;)

  3. What a great present for a handsome young nephew! xo

  4. This is beautiful...handsome nephew and gorgeous aunt. :) He will cherish this.

  5. nephew is one hot tamale.
    this is soooo adorable, colette.


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