Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thor's Day

Friday is Hive night. The ATC group meets at Bizzy B's, and Martha reminded me of it the other day. After she left, I whipped up a bunch of them, self-portrait being the theme and very easy to come up with an idea.

Hear me crunkle? (courtesy The Road to Oz, by Mr. Baum)


  1. those are simply adorable!
    little colettes!
    there is an envelope on its way to you my sweet friend~~~~~
    some things i know you will love...just because i love you!
    tracy xxoo

  2. Very cute and clever! xo

  3. Crunkle..I love that and your little cards! Ummm...The Road To OZ...I have the first edition given to me by a friend. It's a fabulous picture book too. I will look up crunkle. Who said it? Was it Dorothy? :)

  4. How neat! Wish I had a local ATC group here!


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