Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tea on Tuesday

These are now on eBay, along with a couple of new things, and I have company for tea this afternoon. Who cares if they sky is grey? Not moi!
Have a sweet day!


  1. grey skies, tuesday teas...
    honey, we are gold.

  2. Ahh... Tea and pretty tags all on all on a cloudy day! Tweet!

  3. These are beautiful! Have a wonderful afternoon tea!

  4. Anonymous5:31 p.m.

    I too love, love, love birds - you have some amazing images. Some of them look like rubber stamps and some of them look like vintage images. I would love to know your sources if you don't mind sharing. You have some terrific looking vintage birds and I would love to expand my own collection.

    Thanks for your blog - and thanks too for the sources if you're inclined to share!

    p.s. if you want to share privately my e-mail is aummanipadmehum@comcast.net

  5. And tea was wonderful!Thank you!
    (for some unknown reason, my emails to you are being returned -- ATC night starts around 6:30 -- trading starts 7ish)


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