Sunday, November 18, 2007

New work and happy discoveries

Today I worked with glazes; I got some glaze medium to mix with my acrylics and I love the effect. I never got the same effect with washes. I've been thinking about trying glazing for a long time, and I'm so happy to have finally tried it. It's now definitely part of my repertoire. I'll photograph the results tomorrow morning.

These two fabric pieces were listed on ebay today.


  1. Colette, I love the Noel piece. That picture of the children is priceless.
    Hugs today to you ~ Boo,Boo! =)

  2. What beautiful fabric!
    I was interested to read your comment over on Robyn's. I guess my childhood wasn't a good time either, but I was shielded from reality I guess. You also had an alsation! We have them, 2 in fact, Wilma and Elsie.....both wanting to be top bitch! Sadly for them, I am top bitch in the nesbitt household! LOL!


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