Monday, November 12, 2007

A new day

Falling Leaves, acrylic on canvas (c) Colette Copeland, available in my Etsy shop

When the going gets tough, I turn to my easel and paint. I've learned not to let the elements pull me down, hard as it can be. There seems to be a dark cloud hovering over the world so I light my candles.

I found this box of candles at Putti; they burn cleanly, no dripping, because it turns out they have tiny holes running through them. Gallic ingenuity.

May your day be filled with light.


  1. I ALWAYS ENJOY SEEING YOUR NEW CREATIONS and what your up to.Its pecan time here so I try to gather them each days as I have several trees and I will be doing a yard, sale in my yard Nov 30-Dec have you beendarling,I only have 7 MORE DAYS OF TREATREMENTS AND MEDS!

  2. Fab painting! You got fall just right.

  3. Your painting is haunting, very good capture of fall. I will have to check out those candles!

  4. Love the really tells of autumn's mysteries. Cool candles. Leave it to the French...;)

  5. I love this box saying bougies à la française cute

  6. ooh, I tried to comment and it didn't take..

    when I first scrolled down and saw this painting, I thought it was a painting of the Madonna... can you see it?


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