Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Grand Day

This is today's collage, the fourth in my series (available in my Etsy shop).

My dearest friend Julie is visiting from Santa Barbara (she of the sheepskin coat that she bequeathed to me when she headed south). We spent a couple of hours together this afternoon, gabbing, catching up, and hot chocolate .... I really miss her, although it hasn't sunk in yet that she doesn't live around the corner anymore. It will sink in when I go and see her in Santa Barbara sometime next year.

This is No. 3 in the series; it went home with Julie for her office.

I am blessed with a handful friends I have known most of my life, as well as two or three online friends I've known for a few years now; for all our ups and downs, we remain friends, caring and tolerant of each other.

To top it all off, I managed some household chores today. Oh, what a relief!


  1. What a gorgeous piece for her office to think of you when she gazes on it. Lovely.:)

  2. Those are simply beautiful Colette!I keep picking up my journal and holding it..I can hardly wait to write in it. I don't think I told you hos special that little bead it to me....the whole book is my treasure!
    I count you as one of my handful of dearest friends~~~you are a special soul my friend~
    xxoo Tracy

  3. Such lovely collages! And how nice to spend time with a dear friend. xo


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