Thursday, October 04, 2007


It's going by too fast. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. Before you know it, I'll be hauling out my winter coat, all the scarves and gloves and boots, unless we get a mild winter... meanwhile, it's still warm, still bare-leg weather.
I got the most beautiful birthday card from my sister. She has the gift of giving you what you like. Whenever I feel alone, I think of my sister and I immediately snap out of the funk. So today's gratitude is for her.
Have a cheery day!


  1. Birthday? HAPPPY Birthday!!! ...WE sure won't be getting any cold weather anytime soon..if at all!

  2. Hope tomorrow is a wonderful birthday celebration for you! But don't stop there, keep celebrating! You deserve it. Hope your year ahead is just fantastic! xo

  3. lovely card and your sister must be lovely too!
    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  4. Happy birthday, Fridays Child!!
    sending my little faeries to you, to celebrate with you, in childlike delight !! {{~x~o~x~}}

  5. Happy Birthday dearest Colette! May blessings be poured on you the coming year, and your birthday wishes come true. Your sister sounds like a very good and kind person. I am thinking of you this day. Lauren will be home this morning! I will toast you both this evening with a glass of wine and light a candle. My dear daughter and dear friend, a good day to be born! Love you. xxxooo ps you should be getting Lauren's package before mine, she sent it Monday. I'm slow, but sure. LOL.

  6. Hey Cutie
    I just popped in to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Happy Thanksgiving too


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