Saturday, October 20, 2007


[what do you get when you take chocolates to your colleagues? they give you things they don't want anymore, like this tea pot, brand new. since I don't own a tea pot, I was happy to bring it home.]

Tagged by mizCarla, so I can't very well not.
(only found out through sweet thang Dawn)

OK, miz C., if you insist. The rule of this meme is to name five things I would like to be when I grow up – five things that I’ve always dreamed about.

The first three are from my childhood list, what I wanted to be when I was a child.

1. Pilot. As in fly a plane.
2. Blues singer.
3. Novelist.

The last two are what I still want to be when I grow up.
4. Coffee taster. As in expert.
5. Clairvoyant. The real thing.


  1. I think it is *most awesome* that you ARE #3

    Are you still writing? I know someone interesting that you might want to meet on LJ (if you don't already know her--I think you might have some things in common). Here's a link to her journal


  2. hmmmm. that is too funny. I wanted to be a forensics "person" or Criminologist when I was younger. Way younger. Now that I know myself better, I wont even watch CSI or the news sometimes for that matter.

    A few weeks ago, my son Aidan, asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I didnt stop smiling for hours.

  3. I thought you already were an expert coffee taster? xoxo
    I hope you never, ever grow up !!

  4. What a pretty teapot -- we need to have tea!
    Your birdies are so pretty -- I've been making some too lately -- but haven't shown them of yet....
    I can totally picture you being a blues singer!
    I'm at the Michael DeMeng workshops this weekend -- avoiding my report cards.....

  5. The teapot is lovely. And a clairvoyant? Have I got a story for you. Email soon. xo


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