Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mail is trickling through.....

...a little at a time!

A birthday present arrived from Australia yesterday, this cute little Miss who seems very much at home with me, sitting on some vintage Irish books. Thank you Dotee xxoo! She is purrfect. Along with the Miss Dollie was a some colorful fabric and lovely lace... I used some of the fabric and made two more birdies, who are taking over my space, I swear. I make a couple every night while I've watching television. The blue-green one on the right is a gift for my friendly helper at FabricLand; they are her favorite colors.

Today an order from Red Lead made it today. Who knows what will arrive tomorrow!

Meanwhile I've started work on a piece destined for Ireland. It tells a story that I think they will appreciate.


  1. congratulations and still loving your delightful birds - best wishes...

    xox - eb.

  2. Love your little birdies Colette, soooo beautiful.
    I have seen your little dolly in the flesh, she is very beautiful too and looks very much at home on your vintage books.
    Hope you had the most wonderful birthday!

  3. A very dee lightful doll! I cannot wait to see yiour Ireland project!

  4. It's so much fun getting treats in the mail. Best of luck with your project - I think it will be wonderful and they'll be thrilled! xo

  5. Colette, I LOVE your little birdies~the colors are so soft and delicious. They make me feel all warm inside~

  6. Wonderful gift from Dotee...and the birds make me smile and feel younger and hopeful. Your art just has the gift for that.

  7. Oh, she looks so happy in your home! Glad I trused my instincts with the colors!
    And I adore your little glad you could use some of the fabric. The blue green one must have been meant to be!

    Love you muchly
    Dotee xoxo


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