Thursday, September 06, 2007

Failte, Part Deux

After two months of rain, there was warm sunny weather. It seems I brought it with me, or so everyone kept telling me.

Next, I went to Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, to stay with my youngest brother-in-law and his wife and brood. Everywhere I turned I saw the Sugarloaf, a famous landmark in the mountains. The countryside is lush with overgrowth: I picked beautiful wildflowers on one walk from the village back home, and ate sweet juicy blackberries dripping heavily from their bushes. In the former sleepy village, you can now have espresso and the most delicious croissants in the world, well, outside of France, although they are identical to the French-made ones. At one of the restaurants, I had the best risotto in a long long time. And then I walked up the hill and....the motherlode! A shop filled to the brim with antiques and fleamarket goods. Yes, yes, I did some shopping! Earlier, in Dublin, Sylvie took me to the Blackrock fleamarket where I found some incredible treasures: a barrister's ledger from the 1930s, almost two inches thick, and lots of bits and pieces.
To be continued.........


  1. Oh Colette you are painting such a beautiful place and experience with your words...I can feel your love of this land. (smiling) You got me going with eating the blackberries on your walk. Sigh. xxxooo

  2. Happy sigh....I am loving reading about your trip. The weather sounds divine. And the blackberries and croissants even more so.

    What type of risotto did you have? I love risotto too (hope to share one with you one day).

    And the flea market sounds like an adventure. Trust you to find treasures every where you go :)


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