Sunday, August 05, 2007

The quietness of a Sunday

The nature of silence

Don't mistake silence for non-action. Something is gestating. The silence itself is an action. It embodies healing, getting clear, balancing.
A lot of noise in the world is created because people are afraid of silence, because silence would force them to look at themselves, pay attention to their own thoughts, be aware of what's around them. So we have the incessant talk-talk-talk, cellphones at every ear when walking, driving, getting from one place to another, every other person wired to their music, distractions from life, from self.


  1. coletteylove,
    i really really appreciate your essayettes.

  2. Very wise words, my friend - and lovely art! xo

  3. I agree with your idea about silence,and i also love birds,I'll be glad if you visit my new born blog

  4. yep, chatter, chatter, chatter... near drives me insane - the men in the shops talking at you as you walk past - buy this, buy that. The constant music while I do the grocery shopping.. noise, noise, noise... when I drive I listen to the sounds of silence, i never have the television on in the day time and hate it at night when the rest of the family watch it.. I would sell it if I were by myself.. and I don't even listen to music alot during the day.
    what a long comment I have created here! Your art on this post is delightful, quite peaceful and soothing - thankyou xoxoox


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