Thursday, August 02, 2007

If it's Thursday.....

...there must be new auctions!

Madame Bird has her parasol up -- the ideal days of summer have given way to the dog days. August always was the hottest month. The heat does not agree with me. So today my gratitude is for air-conditioning.

Have a cool day!


  1. Heat doesn't agree with me either.
    this is lovely, what a wise bird Madame is to use her parasol.

  2. lovely art work!
    Seems I've heard that the "dog" days of summer have to do with the position of the "dog star" in the sky this time of year...cirrus? can't remember the name...I hate that when I don't have it "all together" when writing a comment! LOL!

  3. This piece made me chuckle....such humour with Madame Bird! I'm with you on A/C! Whew!

  4. Heat is not my friend either. Glad you have a-c. And Madame Bird is quite fetching in her hat and parasol. xo

  5. Oh I love little Madame bird and her parasol. How whimsical!


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