Thursday, July 12, 2007

Recovering my energy

The gardens where I live

I went to flamenco class yesterday even though I was still not feeling 100%. After an intensive hour and a half, all stomach twinges were gone. Flamenco also gets rid of my headaches. Maybe it's the endorphins!

I made an appointment with my doctor for Monday. I need to know what is causing this occasional distress, even though at my annual physical she was it was probably stress because it's not frequent. I foresee a battery of tests, but I need to know one way or another and fix it! (I was well trained by my nurse-midwife mother who taught me to get things seen to right away, and get rid of them. Tuesday was her birthday. thanks, Mom!) I am so grateful for our health system, because none of this will cost me a penny.

Otherwise, my energy is back and my appetite has returned so I can eat again.

Thank you for all your good wishes.

May we be healthy!


  1. don't you just love those tests? But it is important to get checked out every now and then ...
    have a wonderful weekend.. oooh and I love the hydrangea! they are one plant that I want to put into my garden.. I don't know why i haven't planted one sooner

  2. Thinking of you dear Colette...the tests are a pain but how wonderful you have access to them and a good health care system. The flowers and flamenco dancers are beautiful! I love their black dresses. So graceful and elegant.

  3. Hope you get any treatment necessary and are soon feeling much better! As for flamenco, I think it can make anyone feel better! Lovely photo. xo

  4. Ole!!! What a gorgeous photo! My friend takes tango and she loves it! Me..I'm a belly dancer ! ha!....Colette..I hope that you get some relief soon..that the Doctoer can help you! I am sending you the good healing(((vibes))))

  5. oh..i am sorry about this..i have soemthing similar, but it's only when i have coffee in the morning..if i have tea..i don't get it at all. maybe that? i have no idea, but i do hope it will all be better soon and you are always, always in my thoughts.
    email me sometime...
    xoxo tracy

  6. Very good lesson from your mom and you've learned it well. Your comment about the healthcare system reminds me of just how bad things are in the U.S. where so many are uninsured.


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