Monday, July 30, 2007

A new week

Fabric folder: among my new items in my etsy shop.

And more work. I'm doubling my efforts because I have away time coming up at the end of August. My treat this week will be to see The Bourne Ultimatum, which opens Friday.

And so, back to work.
Have a peaceful day.


  1. Such a lovely little piece. As you know I love the gentleness in your work.

  2. can't wait to hear your moviereview!!!

  3. As always lovely and delicate.

    We (G and I) want to see that movie too, we so enjoyed the first ones, in fact we own the DVDs.


  4. I haven't even heard of the movie. Must look it up.. we are always behind down here.. your folder is sweet. I love your gentle tastes in fabric.
    All of your art work is great! If only I could come to the sale :)

  5. Lovely folder! And it's very important to give one's self treats every week. xo

  6. Yes yes! A TREAT! Go have fun! ..I loved seeing your Gondola painting! On my retreat last month , ther was a Gondola at the lake! Next time ..I will be on it!

  7. as always, lovely creations.

  8. Such a lovely and gentle piece Colette. The colors are gorgeous too. The movie sounds great. Am sure you will enjoy it.

    Have been thinking about you a lot. And sending lots of loving thoughts your way.

    I have found a lovely new unit/house to live in and will be moving mid August. It is in a gorgeous garden setting and I know the kitties and I will be very happy there!

    Dotee xoxo


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