Monday, July 02, 2007

Ma Cabane au Canada

I watched the fireworks from my balcony last night, as we celebrated 140 years of the birth of a nation. It's odd that although Canada is hundreds of years old, it's been a sovereign state for only 140 years. Indoors I watched a Canada Day edition of Just for Laughs from Montreal. We really have some of the best standup comics in the world. [The famous ones are in the U.S., but we keep growing them at home!!] My favorites were That Canadian Guy, the French female comic who did a side-splitting Celine Dion, and Thom Thomson, a Native who took some home truths and made them funny.

The last of the June bugs visited my balcony. I gave it a cross-eyed look, remembering the naughty things they did on my deckchair: It's July, your time is up. It shrugged its shoulders and left in a huff.

Have a beaujolais day!


  1. I'm glad you had a good day! I agree..Canada has THE best Comedians!

  2. Hi darling,I will be having a quite 4th!neighbor will be bringing me a plate and I may just have a sleep in.All my youn'ings will be working the 4th but thats o.k .Garden is so lovely and I will start canning in 2 weeks. Glad you had a great day.xxoo

  3. ok - I want that collage - it has me on it and something else that I spied... off to see if it is listed yet xoxo
    what is a June bug?

  4. Wonderful art. Glad you enjoyed the fireworks. And yes, Canada does have some wonderful comedians! xo

  5. That collage is beautiful, Colette! I haven't seen any robins this year yet. I'm heading off to London this weekend -- maybe I'll see some there.I'll be back on the 12th.....


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