Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Weather: Steamy

Laundry: Done

Social: Housecooling party for Julie (as opposed to housewarming)

New Acquisition: Julie gave me her sheepskin coat (she won't need it in Santa Barbara)

Headache: None

Work/pleasure: New ephemera journal (see eBay); two quilties; two collages.


  1. Reply to telegram: Love that you are having a no laundry day. Love that you are having a cool housecooling party for your friend. Love that she gifted you with her coat to cuddle in when winter arrives and keeps you snuggly. Love that you have no headache! LOVE LOVE that you LOVE your work and give US pleasure with your art! LOVE this journal too! xxxooo

  2. sweeeeeet! love this!

  3. What a wonderful day!!!! So glad the headache is gone. Your quilties are just beautiful Colette. I am really enjoying the egg and bird themed ones in your store. Enjoy the Housecooling:) Love,Jamie

  4. I like the idea of a housecooling - you won't believe it, but today I wore jeans, a hooded jacket and a raincoat - it's that cool! It's been this way the past three days; no doubt we're in for some horrid heatwave next. Lovely journal you've created. xo


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