Wednesday, June 06, 2007

If it's Wednesday......

Blogger seems to have recovered, so here's a brand-new picture of another ephemera book I finished this evening; I'm still in the throes of camp nostalgia.... I have an original photograph a mile wide, and so I'm cutting it up for various collages.

Earlier today: I have new listings on eBay, including the Summer Camp piece in the post below. For the first time in ages, Blogger is not letting me post photos, so that will have to wait until later. I've tried and tried....Give me strength!

It's back to work for me. Busy busy busy!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Looks very intriguing. I have two really wide b&w school photos of my husband's classes in England, but it would seem like sacrilege to cut them up. In some magazine, I saw a wall with wide school photos like that framed, which looked terrific. Of course, I don't have a blank wall. Sigh. Hope you're having a good weekend. xo


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