Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sunny Saturday

We are enjoying sunny weather, spirits are lifted, and the birds are driving me nuts with their incessant twittering at 4 a.m.

In other news, I figured out how to attach my pages between these fabric covers that I made the other day. There is great satisfaction in figuring out things for yourself, I have to say. Some of the fabric is from my friend Merete in Norway, a white vintage flower from Robyn in Australia, and I think there's a little piece from Jacky, also in Australia.

Outside covers (open) On the back cover is a St. Christopher medal. Click on picture to enlarge.

Inside covers

I hope you're enjoying a peaceful weekend.

May you be safe


  1. It's lovely - you are endlessly creative!

  2. Oh, how I love it!!!
    I knew it was a good choice to send those pieces of fabric over to you :-)
    Glad you figured out how to put the paper inside.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Lovely as always! It makes me fewel so good when I visit and see your pretty creations! We are having perfect Spring weather here! Believe me is usually already 95-100 degrees ! Last year at this was sweltering! I am enjoying every second! Today we are finally getting some much needed rain.

  4. it's so lovely...quelle patience, colette...tes carnets sont toujours aussi comprends que tu sois "interviewed "...


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