Wednesday, May 23, 2007

If it's Wednesday......

....yes, there are new things at etsy and eBay.

Meanwhile, I finished this. Alice in Birdland. I made my own background paper on a piece of wallpaper, which turned out to be a great base. And in a very short while I will be breaking in my new dancing shoes.

Have a fun evening!


  1. oh I do love this!! And the last collaged art you did (I think it was a journal cover? with the girl in the frame with a hat on) Your art is just that...ART...wonderful.

  2. This is really lovely Colette. Baeutiful use of colors too..

  3. The Alice in Birdland is lovely! Hope you had fun with your new flamenco shoes! xo

  4. This one is really lovely... and you know I LOVE the colors... very pretty.


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