Monday, May 21, 2007


I dislike gluing things. Sometimes with a passion. But I love making collages. This one happened today.

Today is a holiday. Half the city, it seems, took off on Friday for lakes and cottages up north. I thought I would take today off, catch a movie, something. But instead I've been working. There you go! I am about to close up shop and go out while the sun is still out and the air is redolent with the millions of flowering lilac trees, take a brisk walk and use up some pent-up energy.

Yesterday I delivered the book to Julie. I wasn't sure what she would make of an altered book wedding journal, but she got it. She got every inch of all the nuances and the meanings, the why and the placement of the photos I chose. We laughed and we cried. I was about to explain that I had wanted to make an intimate kind of book, not a scrapbooky thing filled with photographs, when she took the words out of my mouth and said she loved that it was "intimate". She also liked that it wasn't "girly" (which it wasn't because (a) not my style, (b) I took her husband into account). She said he would love it. My old friend married a sweet California man (with whom she went to high school when she was a girl living in California) and she will be moving there by the end of summer. We've been friends, and neighbors, worked together, travelled together, for 25 years. I have no idea how I'm going to feel, I just don't want to think about it right now.

When I got home I cried my heart out. Making this book was a very emotional thing for me and it had to all come out. I recommend crying; it's very cathartic -- and I believe it's one reason you won't get a heart attack!


  1. I think it's so lovely how working on this altered wedding journal for your friend has brought you to tears. What a lucky friend she must feel she is to have received such a beautifully touching gift. By the way, I cry over things like this also and agree with you whole-heartedly about it being cathartic experience.

  2. THe book is fabulous! What a meaningful, heartfelt gift! I know you will miss her! bless your heart! You are making me tear up! ..BTW: I am not moving any time too soon...ha!

  3. The collage is lovely. I think the altered book wedding journal was a priceless gift to share with your friend. And look at it this way: you'll get to visit your friend in sunny California! xo

  4. Life is beautiful even when there are sad moments. You made something of this kind of beauty for your friend! (What was the title of the book?...I'm working on one from an old novel called "Daughter of Time")

  5. my dear Colette, you have the heart and soul of an angel. What a perfect gift - more beautiful and more valuable and more precious than anything could ever be purchased from a store. This gift was a testament to the love and friendship you share and the love the newlyweds share.
    Parting will be difficult in the physical sense but what you two share will never be parted.
    You are so right about crying be cathartic!

  6. oh, lovey...
    don't even think about it now. your heart will stretch enough to bear the pain of her physical absence...
    cheers to a hellacious summer between you two!

  7. This kind of friendship is so rare these days that you share together. It's love pure and simple. Love hurts but the tears soothe and thank God we have them to use because all that love swells up in the chest and it has to go out sometimes in the water of tears. Your book is wrapped in your love and tears and YOU and she will always have you close by through the book. Then when you visit each other what a reunion! YOU feel so much C and can put that feeling into your creations. The book you made is like a spiritual bridge between you! So cool. :)

  8. I knew Julie would love it Colette. And I am so pleased that she ' understood' the art too. I know you will miss her and she will miss you. But you have a very close bond. That distance won't break.

    Love KansasRose's words ahout the book being like a spiritual bridge between you and Julie. Beautifully put...


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