Monday, May 07, 2007

The fabric covered journal is finished! Tied up with velvet ribbon.

Six pages (12 sides) of watercolor paper to scribble on, doodle on, paint on.... I'm not a journal person myself; I keep notebooks in which I scribble things, and on an irregular basis at that, like this:

I didn't notice this for a long time, but my handwriting changes depending on the language. That's because I was taught to write in French-style calligraphie in school, and in English classes, I was taught to write in another way (sometimes I'm amazed that I emerged out of this double life unscathed!). Truth be told, my handwriting in English is changeable, but it never ever changes in French (they got a hold of me first, you see).

I was going to go to the movies today. Instead I found myself doing housework and finishing up some projects. (I'll go and see my movie on Tuesday.) Two more big garbage bags went into the dumpster-- and I still have a way to go in my decluttering saga-- and I had my late afternoon walk around the park. By the time I had circled it twice, a runner had circled it four times.

I'm not a runner; I'm a walker, albeit brisk and paced, but I had to admire the girl! The park was quiet, except for some parents with their children playing in the kids' play area. The chestnut trees are unfurling their leaves, which will grow to be huge, and the flowering trees are in bud, some already flowering. At times like these, it's hard to believe there is a very troubled world out there.
May be you safe.


  1. Oh how yummy! I can almost feeeel the fabrics! I love your writing...either way! ha! I think you should write a bunch of letters in French ..pretend they are being mailed from the 17th century! Age them and such! I am always walking..the DOGS!!!!

  2. Hello! You have such a lovely blog and your artwork is wonderful!! that fabric book you made is stunning! I will definitely return to see more!

  3. Ahhhhh a breath of fresh air and sunshine. Your journal is beautiful! Ready and waiting for great thoughts and observations and art! xxxooo

  4. I wish you could be here with me to sit on my porch and just listen to the fat bullfrogs croaking in my full pond and smell the sweet Russian olive trees in bloom. Love to you! I have never seen chestnut trees, but they sound so romantic. Do you gather chestnuts in the fall?

  5. It so happens I love ponds and bullfrogs and the Russian olive tree sounds heavenly. Iwish...

    I should have qualified the chestnut trees: they're horse-chestnut trees, so no one gathers the chestnuts, but the trees are magnificent! I will photograph them one of these days.

  6. I am a walker also - I love to breathe in the world when I am walking - I agree, when you are surrounded by such beauty it is hard to believe the world is troubled in so many ways - but I believe you & I and others like us, can heal her! love to you xo

  7. I love the sketch of the bird with her jewels and fancy shoes! And am enjoying walking every day too. It is so invigorating and helps me to have think time. I admire people who jog but am not likely to become one of them any time soon!

  8. It's lovely and that's interesting about the handwriting. I once was a runner until knee surgery; now I walk everywhere.


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