Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dancing shoes

After a particularly good flamenco class, my endorphins are up! In a short while, I'll be picking up my new dancing shoes, and that's always exciting because I am such a shoe person that even a new pair of black flamenco shoes excites me.
[New pieces will be on eBay tomorrow. More traditional collage, which is really more my style. This piece is appropriately called The Dancer.]


  1. So very pretty... and my favorite colors!

  2. Lovely collage! And of course, flamenco - especially with new shoes - is enough to make one happy! xo

  3. sublime! I LOVE the colors!!!

    The other night on Dancing With the Stars they had a flamenco dancer, something Cortez. His feet moved like they were being fast forwarded....I thought of you.

  4. my eldest daugther's birthday is October 7 - I think you are a Libran also???
    anyhow - she is the Shoe Queen!!
    I guess you wouldn't like my new Dr. Martens boots. Although they do have leopard skin pattern laces :)

  5. I can tell you love dance in your collage. Bright and pretty and energetic and lots of endorphins! We met over shoes, ( Keds) didn't we? ;) xxxooo

  6. Oy! I am behind in bloggggging! I am digging all your new arty pieces! Shioes! I love SHOES! Wheeee!


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