Saturday, April 14, 2007

You must cultivate your garden

[edit: the little paper bird is one of my treasures. Kansas Rose gave it to me for Christmas -- to quote her, "she knows what I love", and I wondered if she would remember. Well, she did after a second look! Thank you dearest Jenny]

Il faut cultiver son jardin: That's a line from Voltaire's Candide that's always stayed with me. I was just finishing up my second-year university dissertation on Voltaire (my chosen subject) when I received the most horrific news of my life. Perhaps that's why that line has stuck with me. No matter what happens, tend your garden, don't let the weeds swallow it up; although weeds can be beautiful, they can also be destructive.

After two days of howling winds and the rain that followed, the air is calm today, and I am ready for a walk in the park. In other news, we just had our 14th homicide of the year. I remember when, a decade or so ago, it would have been one or two homicides by April. I remember being stunned by this statistic, I, who had been a former resident of Washington, D.C., when it was hovering at the top of crime-ridden city list. The extraordinary thing about my home is that despite being a huge North American metropolis, in terms of homicides we pale compared to other cities south of us.

Things change.

I noticed in the subway yesterday that if a decade ago most people read books, magazines and newspapers while riding in the subway, today they seem to be peering into electronic gizmos that are getting so small, I expect there to be a major eye-strain problem in the future. The good side is that people are still reading books in the subway.

Have a peaceful day!


  1. what a very thought provoking post1 You always make me stop and think! A very good thing!

  2. our live's are going to fast, every one wants what every one else has,mmm not really for me give me a good home life any day.

  3. This post was very appropriate for the day I have had...and how I wish those statistics would drop world wide. We had a horrific crime in this little midwest town this week. A 4 year old girl was raped while the mother and boyfriend were in the next room. A "friend" of the family did it. I can't wrap my mind around this. Yes...Volataire and gardens. You always make me think. Love to you... ps I see you installed a meter! Good for you.

  4. Hi darling,give me a hollor somewhere on my blog,I wont to use the art piece you sent me in my book and I will give you cretit as the artist and where to find your blob if its ok I use it,it is my favorit piece from the moment I saw it.

  5. I looked at this lovely picture again and realized there is the little paper birdie I gave you for Christmas on the flowers! Love this grouping. xxxooo How was your walk today in the park? The sun finally came out here too and it was restorative to be outside. I'm really tired...better get to sleep.

  6. thanks darling,email me your
    email address,
    title of piece
    your full name
    link to your blog
    link to your ebay
    link to etsy shop
    link to web page and an other contact info you wont added

  7. I love the grouping you have. The soft palettes.

    I'm sorry, had to laugh at Purple Cucumber's previous posting about "finding your blob". Silly of me I know, but that typo struck me as funny!

    Would you mind if I linked you?

    Have a wonderful evening. Or is it morning for you over there?

  8. not only eye strain but also RSI in the fingers. have you ever noticed how fast they move their fingers while playing those things?

    No matter what happens, tend your garden, don't let the weeds swallow it up; although weeds can be beautiful, they can also be destructive.
    love these words - I am trying very hard to do just this and its working - I have had a 'shift' in my thinking, don't know why, don't know how but I know its happened and it feels 'oh so good'
    love you, very, very much XOXO

  9. This was a very thought provoking post indeed. I have been working on tending my mental garden in recent days...I am beginning to feel the spring blossoms of new hope.
    I agree about electronic gizmos....people rarely look up or even smile at one another anymore.
    I adore your vignette in the photo - it's very peaceful. That is what I wish for you dearest Colette, peaceful surroundings and a light heart!

  10. I love the way you think dear Colette. And the way you express yourself.
    I love you xoxoxo


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