Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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No. 23 Ivy Lane

A little story: Most of this was a comment I wrote on the subject of the Gathering of Gnomes.

When I was just a tiny little thing, my mother had me join something called the "Brownies". I thought we were going to eat brownies, and I was secretly hoping for chewy ones.

But, No. Brownies were the first step to Girl Guidehood (Girls Scouts). The people who organized these things didn't even know what fudge brownies meant. Hrmpf!

We were given badges of who we would be: I stood there as fairy and elf badges were given out (if you're wondering, I badly wanted to be an elf). And what did I get? A GNOME. I was made a GNOME. The most embarrassing part was we were then given a little rhyming ditty to chant. The fairies chanted about how they were fairies, the elves get the idea, and I, tiny little child, had to chant some ditty about...GNOMES. It's a wonder I didn't get traumatized for life.

I did learn how to make a reef knot, though....


  1. oh love the new sure to bring yourself,art and photos to share so I cam post something afterwords of everyomes creativity.HELPING DO DINNER,CABBAGEMSQUASHMGREENBEANS AND CORNBREAD,LATER GATORS.

  2. tell us more about the material used on the house ectI LOVE,LOVE IT, BUT I STILL HAVE THE BEST PIECE.i AM CREATING A WALL FOR ALL MY SWAPING iME GOING TO DO ,A WALL OF HONORED FRIENDS,Will frame the paper doll creations today.

  3. oh I love the new house, Colette - just love it - nearly as much as I love you xo
    poor dear - a gnome! if I had been your Brownie leader, you would have received queen of the fay!
    yes, i was a leader for 5 years and have been a girl guide/scout since I was a teenager - you know the saying - once a guide always a guide xo

  4. I am laughing so hard Colette at the image of little you wanting to be an Elf and ending up a Gnome!

    Am very glad you didn't get traumatized for life. And grew up to be the very special woman you are today.

    I adore this house, just adore it!!

  5. I wasn't in the Brownies....guess what I was.... a BLUEBIRD girl. Even our little beanies had a bluebird on it(I loved that)...later we became Campfire Girls. (all the same idea as Brownies/Girl Scouts)
    You poor wee thing standing there with your hopes high like least you were an Elf in your heart and did not, thankfully, become traumatized.
    I love this new art piece you've done - just love it!! Does the wee door open? Perhaps hiding a treasure? You never cease to make me want to take a second, third and even a fourth look!!
    Love and light,

  6. firstly, Colette, this got me laughing something awful - I would've wanted to be an elf, too! I always knew fairies like Tinker Bell, and I thought she was terribly mean...I thought elves were little people who lived in the forest and had toadstools for tables and could ride owls wherever they wanted to go...yes, an elf would've been best.
    Secondly, love the art! You are so talented!! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Colette your house #23 Ivy Street is just gorgeous... love it to bits!
    Thanks for your anecdotes about Brownies, made me smile.

  8. I was a gnome too... or was I a sprite..... And I still remember how to make a reef knot. I hated Brownies. Our groups got points if we had our uniforms on properly. And you had to wear BROWN UNDERWEAR !!! And they CHECKED to see if you were wearing it. Brown underwear. Sheesh.

  9. Yeah, school plays were like that too, weren't they? I'd have been grateful to even have been a tomato, but instead I was a leek!! But a few good years of therapy has made me cope with this just fine - even if don't ever eat vichyssoise!!!

    Hugs, Lolly xxx

  10. tell us how you made the house sweetie,canvas ,paper or what?the texture is so great,and since mt procuder I love to feel texture.I am drawn to it.I think thats why when I found all y'all I GOT SO EXCITED WITH THE ALTERED ART.i JUST GOT IN A LOAD OF MULBERRY PAPER TO USE!

  11. Thanks darling,I was just woundering as it is such a bueatful , textured piece.Is is for sale/swap or what?

  12. You would have made the most adorable gnome sweetie....what a wonderful and funny story! We have some fun similarities too! I was a Brownie and Girl Scout and so was Ally. When I was in GS in the 60's it was cool to be Native American Princesses...and I can't remember what my "princess" name was for the life of me. Did you wear the little dress uniform and beanie caps too? I still have my brownie beanie somewhere and my pins. I must post my brownie pic soon! Oh my I looked forlorn. I am still laughing about you wanting chewy brownies!!! I just had an idea for some art...a Colette Gnome! ( she would be a very pretty gnome) I always had trouble with the knots but my Dad, who was a Navy man would patiently try to teach me. :) Love this little ivy house. xxxooo

  13. Love your house- For sale? Very inspiring...

  14. what a sweet brownie story.


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