Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I just changed over to the customized version of blogger so that I could add things to the sidebars without having to take a PhD in html.

In the process, I've lost some links. I've replaced some from memory, but I may still be missing some (please let me know if you notice any blanks!).

Time to shut this computer down for the night.

Sweet dreams!


  1. I remember the day I switched my blog....I lost some links too.
    Here is mine if you want it...

  2. You've been so prolific lately! Wonderful art and enjoy your time off. xo

  3. I find the new version easier here at blogger, but I'm still keeping my lj because of my flist there...
    Many of my Norwegian friends find it easier to comment on blogger, that's why I keep two (pretty similar) blogs...
    I don't know if you have me at blogger?


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