Thursday, April 05, 2007

ATCs (c) Colette Copeland

Work is done; tomorrow is a holiday. This year both Catholic and Orthodox Easter are on the same date. Maybe it's an omen for the world. Unity, fraternal love. One can only hope.


  1. O these ATCs are just gorgeous Colette. You have that magic touch with everything you do!

  2. I don't post a comment each time I stop by and admire your work ! I love this one also as always !
    happy easter !

  3. yes, one can only hope. You know, I was thinking of trying to organize some kind of weekly meditation prayer for bloggers - surely if we all concentrate our energies at the same time, it would do some good.
    Your art has such a peaceful aura about it - just looking at it gives serenity to my soul

  4. Hi Collete, it's Kelly in Hamilton. Your ATC's are stunning, you always have a magic touch with your work. I read in your blog about the person leaving the nasty email, it's happened to me before, seems like ebay attracts bullies. I started my blog again hope to talk more.
    Hope the Easter Bunny leaves lots of chocolate:0)

  5. Yes, where would we be without hope? Lovely ATC. xo

  6. Hope springs eternal!!

    These are AMAZING Colette, really amazing!

    Have a lovely weekend!!


  7. Hi Colette, what beautiful ATC's... so serene, so peaceful.
    Wishing you an Easter full of love and wonder.

  8. That is a very good omen..thanks for pointing it out. I really like those ATC's especially " A Fearful Joy"!


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